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A Good Meal Any time of The Day.

February 12, 2008

Here in Falmouth we are lucky to have a Hearth & Kettle right around the corner from all 3 Falmouth Resorts. What is great about the Hearth and Kettle is that it is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. So anytime you want a nice New England style meal the Hearth & Kettle is open. My favorite meal at the Hearth & Kettle is breakfast. They offer an extensive breakfast menu with anything from Omelets to French toast to Eggs Benedict.  To go along with these filling meals they also offer freshly squeezed Orange juice. This is the perfect compliment to any breakfast meal and is one of the best glasses of OJ this blogger has ever had.

 The food is not the only thing to rave about at the Hearth & Kettle as the service is always with a smile, and your food is served nice and hot out of the kitchen. Next time you find yourself in Falmouth I highly recommend dining at the Hearth and Kettle. Please go to if you would like more information about this exceptional dining experience.

Year Round Mountain Biking on Cape Cod

February 12, 2008

Before I lived on Cape Cod mountain biking season ended as soon as the snow flew which was usually some time in November. This meant 4 months of waiting for the snow to melt and putting my bike away for the season. Now that I am a resident of Cape Cod this is no longer the case.  Sure it snows down here every once and a while, but it melts in a matter of days and the trails are ready to ride again.

Within 30 minutes of all 3 Inn Season Resorts in Falmouth are two great places to go riding for the day. First in Falmouth off of route 151 is the Mass Military Base ride. This ride offers miles and miles of single track trails that wind through the woods.  The riding you will find here is geared towards experienced riders as most trails are tight single track trails.

 The other location to ride is off of route 149 in Mashpee. All you need to do is get to the rotary on 149 and take Race Lane in the same direction that the Bi-plane airport is located. Drive down Race Lane for about 1.5 miles and the trail entrance to “Trail of Tears” will be on your right. This mountain bike park has rides for all levels. You will find maps at the trail entrance that will help you navigate your way through the woods. “Trail of Tears” is not only for mountain bikers as there are many fire roads that are great for a nice walk in the woods.

 If you would like to get more information about each one of these locations as well as other places to Mountain bike on Cape Cod please visit

 Hope to see you out on the trails.


Carabiner’s Indoor Rock Climbing (AKA the sport of Bouldering)

February 12, 2008

January 12, 2008: So, I called ahead of time to get additional information about the facility and was pleased to hear that depending on availability and signing up, kids under 17 can climb on Saturdays for 2 hours from 10:30am-12:30pm for $9 each which also includes equipment. What a deal! My 6 year old loved it as much as my 14 year old. The facility is challenging enough for all levels of abilities, the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Upon appointment you can also become a certified Belayer for $19, the course takes about 1 hour. This is definitely beneficial since all climbers MUST have a belayer, and the facility charges $19/hour if you do not have a certified individual with you to man the ropes for you (which is exactly what a Belayer does). Carabiner’s also has an impressive assortment of free-weight machines in their gym down stairs, and cardio equipment upstairs, and rope climbing stations (also requires a Belayer). Approximately a 1-hour drive from the Falmouth Resorts, this is a great place to go on a rainy/cold day.