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La Cucina in Downtown Falmouth (As good as Boston’s Famous North End)

March 7, 2008

This past weekend (3/1/08) my Mother, Stepfather and Aunt and Uncle came down to Falmouth for the weekend to celebrate my Stepfathers 59th birthday. The reason they came to Falmouth in March was to celebrate his birthday at La Cucina Sul Mare an Italian Restaurant located at 237 Main Street in downtown Falmouth ( My family had dined there once before and had been looking forward to coming back ever since.

 La Cucina does not except reservations but you can call (508-548-5600) ahead an hour before you want to dine and the hostess will do her best to accommodate your request. After calling ahead and working out a time with the hostess we headed off to La Cucina for dinner. After spending a few minutes out front waiting for our table we were seated in the front window. This just so happened to be the same table we were sat at on our previous visit. As soon as we took our seats my Aunt said, “I hope we get the same waitress we had last time”, and much to our delight Chip the same waitress we had before came to drop off our menus. As she looked over our table she said to us that she remembered us from our previous visit and welcomed us back. This struck me as especially nice since it had been 6 months since our last visit and she even remembered what we ordered.

 As Chip brought us the menus she also explained in detail the house specials for the night, which everyone at the table was eagerly awaiting to hear. Chip began with the “House Special Salad” this salad includes 7 different kinds of greens topped with dried cranberries & shaved goat cheese. We had this salad the last time and enjoyed it just as much this time. 

 Chip told us about two dinner entrees that where being offered that night. One of which really caught my taste buds was called Veal Napoleon. Which is sauteed veal topped with breaded eggplant, buffalo mozzarella  cheese & tomato, then repeated again and served over angel hair pasta.  After hearing the Veal Napoleon special my mind was made up as to what I wanted to eat. Now it was up to the rest of the party to make their choices. My Mother and Aunt both decided on a Lamb special while my Stepfather and Uncle both went with the Veal Napoleon.

 With are entrees ordered and a glass of wine in front of us we all eagerly awaited the “Special House Salad”. One of the great things about this salad other than the truly unique taste, is the size of it. It can easily be shared by 5 people with each person enjoying a healthy proportion.  As we ate the salad each person agreed it was the best salad we had ever had.

Just as we had finished our salad our entrees where presented to us by Chip. Each plate was carefully prepared and garnished to perfection. Everyone enjoyed their meal very much. My mother let me try her lamb as it was cooked to perfection. My entree the Veal Napoleon was even better than my last visit, and with large protions that La Cucina serves I had more than enough left over for lunch the next day.

As we finished eating dinner Chip asked the table if anyone wanted coffee or dessert. I looked over the menu and decided upon a chocolate raspberry cake. After ordering the cake Chip brought the table both the Chocolate raspberry cake as well as a Lemon filled cannole with a candle on it for my Step Dad’s Birthday. She also gathered the entire wait staff around the table to sing happy birthday. This was a really nice touch and was perfect cap to the perfect evening.

 Anytime you find yourself in Falmouth and are looking to enjoy a top notch Italian dining experience I highly recommend going to La Cucina Sul Mare.