Enjoying the Mid-Cape


This weekend looks to be a beautiful one – sure, we’re supposed to get a little rain Friday, but it may turn out to be a nice one. Sunny days, not too hot, you can’t ask for a better weekend on Cape Cod. And does the weather really matter? It’s always a beautiful day when you’re on vacation!

I just moved to Yarmouth last month, and am still exploring what there is to do on the Mid-Cape.  Now that we offere rentals at the Ocean Mist Resort in South Yarmouth, you’ll need to know what to do and where to go once you get here.

Since I’ve moved here, I’ve been overwhelmed with getting settled in my new place, but have managed to see a few things. We checked out Dick & Ellie’s Flea Market in Dennis. They’re open on weekends through the end of October. There’s lots of bargains to be found!

Stop in for a great lunch at the Hearth & Kettle in South Yarmouth. There’s locations all over the Cape, but this particular restaurant had the best service I’ve experienced so far. Check out the grilled chicken wrap sandwich with mango salsa! You won’t be disappointed.

As the seasons change, there’s much more mid-Cape happenings and places to visit on the way!

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