Cape Cod Welcome Buckets

We are about a month into giving out the complimentary buckets at check in.  The buckets are put together by a local non-profit and sponsored by many area businesses.   Guests from previous years seem to look forward to these gifts when they arrive.  Who wouldn’t?  Inside you will find:  a bag of cape cod potato chips with factory tour times and a map on the back, chapstick, shower puff and razors, Craisins, and Ocean Sparay drink mix.  Also inside, there is a coupon to a local grocery store.  Roche Bros has included a coupon for free OJ, eggs, bacon, and english muffins.  That’s breakfast for the whole week!  Also included are other coupons and guides for area activities. 
The buckets are distributed by our Concierge Meaghan so guests can stop by her desk, collect the bucket and ask Meaghan any questions they might have about their vacation ownership or local activities for the week.  The children in your group may also enjoy using the bucket to store their shells and rocks they collect while strolling the local beaches. 
Don’t forget to pick your bucket up at check-in!!!

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