CPR/AED Certification Class


Hello All,

   We held a CPR & AED Certification Class up in the office at Captain’s Quarters today for our employees at Surfside and Captain’s Quarters.  Everyone had a great time, and learned a wealth of life-saving knowledge!  Let’s pray we never have to use it, but we all felt confident in knowing what to do if a crisis situation were to occur. 

   While we were upstairs performing CPR on dummies, outside it was looking less like Spring, and more like Winter!  We could not believe our eyes, a light snow was falling!!  No snow has accumulated yet, as it is a mix of rain and flurries.  Where is Spring??  We did however have some days this past week where the sun was out & shining brightly.  Had it not been for a chill breeze, the temperature would have been higher!  Let’s hope Mother Nature ditches the snow, in favor of some sun! 🙂

Check out a couple pictures from our training-

Pictured above- Jillian Limberakis (Front Desk/Activities), the dummy and Robert Steele (Houseman).  We quickly befriended the dummy after saving his life! 😉

Pictured above- Bethani Bergh (SFD Executive Housekeeper) and our Teacher.

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