February 18, 2012

Captain Kidd Restaurant, 77 Water Street, Woods Hole


Website: www.woodsholefilmfestival.org


Feature Documentary | 2011 | 91 min. by James Marsh
Nim is the chimpanzee who in the1970s became the focus of a landmark experiment which aimed to show that an ape could learn to communicate with language if raised and nurtured like a human child. Following Nim’s extraordinary journey through human society, and the enduring impact he makes on the people he meets along the way, the film is an unflinching and unsentimental biography of an animal we tried to make human. What we learn about his true nature, and indeed our own, is comic, revealing and profoundly unsettling.

Dinner & a Movie offers elegant dining with superb independent film at the Captain Kidd Restaurant.
For $25 per person, select from a preset menu of sumptuous food prepared specially for the evening.
The price includes entree and movie, but does not include beverage, dessert, tax or tip.

Dinner is served from 5:30 pm – 7:00 p.m. and the screening begins at 7:30 pm. Reservations are required. Call (508) 548-8563 to reserve your place now – screenings sell out. Dates may change in case of snow, call ahead.

For more information about Dinner & a Movie, contact the Woods Hole Film Festival at (508) 495-3456 or info@woodsholefilmfestival.org. The schedule is posted online at www.woodsholefilmfestival.org.

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