The Glass Onion


Good Morning All,

I went out to dinner the other night with my family to celebrate my parent’s anniversary and we opted for an elegant evening of gourmet food from The Glass Onion.  They are a fairly new restaurant in the area, and are located on Palmer Avenue across from the Inn on the Square in Falmouth’s historic Queen’s Buyway.  Parking is hidden behind; in the off-season there are plenty of spots however come summer, you may have to park across the street by Corner Cycle.  The dress code is casual, they say you can wear jeans- and we did see some folks as casual as that, although you may feel under-dressed in that attire there.  The feel is more up-scale.  Currently they are open Tues-Sat  beginning at 5pm.  They have kept some of the historic charm of the building without looking cheap or unfinished.  The decor is beautiful.  Our waitress was pleasantly attentive and polite.  We were served compimentary a small plate of pate, and after warm bread and butter.  We ordered and received our food in a timely manner.  I chose a dish off the specials menu; filet mignon with bleu cheese baked on top and black grapes decorated the edge with potatoes and asparagus to enjoy with.  My brother chose a lamb dish featured on the menu, and thought when he received his food he may be hungry after but he was pleasantly surprised that his hunger was suppressed before he was finished with his meal.  The moral of that being the servings are deceivingly filling.  We were all in agreement that our meals were delicious!  The owner and the manager found out we were celebrating my parent’s anniversary and sent our some complimentary desserts which was very much appreciated!  The whole experience at The Glass Onion was memorable and I would highly recommend this restaurant for special occasions or just to enjoy a delicious gourmet meal.  They are somewhat pricey, however you certainly get what you pay for, and it is totally worth it!  Take a look at their menu at:  Please be warned they do not take reservations for parties less 5 or 6 people, but they have a good amount of seating in the restaurant.

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