Enjoying early spring on the Cape.


Those of us who live on the Cape have a love / hate relationship with winter and early spring or as we love to call it …”the off season”. There are fewer people so traffic is not a problem. We love that. We also love the fact that our winters are usually milder than they are for our friends in Boston or Worcester. (Not always!)  We can sometimes, even play golf in February.

Mind you we have had winters when the Cape gets the brunt of the snow…and we don’t handle it as well as NH does. And we are apt to have strong winds and lose power. That’s where the hate part comes in. And we seem to close schools if it even threatens to snow!

But we can get into the restaurants we love…when we want. (Although some are only open in the spring/summer). And we can hike along beaches and paths enjoying the natural beauty of the area…undisturbed.

There are tons of great hikes and walks on the Cape. And the great thing about hikes and walks is – they are great for everyone. You can walk with your grand-kids and explore ground covers and trees and if you are lucky birds and bugs!  Or you can hike with your friends and really get a work out.

There are several great lists you can refer to:

Cape Cod Pathways

Cape Cod Trails

Falmouth Trails
Popular in Falmouth is the hike out to “The Knob“.  And on Trip Advisor. the knob
Although the parking is limited…it can be worth the trip. Additional instructions and map can be found here.

Of course you can be more adventurous and head up to the National Seashore. Loaded with a variety of trails. Dress in layers, and bring water!  A personal favorite is the Great Island Trail in Wellfleet…you can literally make a day of it. great islandHave a wonderful walk –  as you discover the best way to experience Cape Cod.



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