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Updated Snowfall Amounts

February 8, 2013

Photo courtesy of The Weather Channel.  We are in the 6-12″ range!


February 6, 2013

Good evening everyone,

Just wanted to warn people of the winter storm heading this way.  The Weather Channel is currently projecting the Cape to get 1″-3″, however the Boston area could receive upwards of 12″+!  Friday appears to be a mix of snow, then rain then snow again.  They have announced a few weather advisories for our area: A coastal flood watch, a high wind watch, and a winter storm watch for Friday and Saturday.  Take a look at this video from The Weather Channel for the current projections:  If you plan on weathering the storm at the resort there is the possibility of power outages in the area, and driving will be difficult so you may want to arrive early.  If you plan to arrive early please contact your resort ahead of time to let them know.  The resorts will make sure we are prepared for any power outages as well.  Check out this video from The Weather Channel if you haven’t driven in the snow/ice before, or if you need a reminder:


January 28, 2013

Good Morning!

We have a little snow on the forecast for today in Falmouth!  Flurries should be seen starting around noon today, and continue til this evening.  Rain will mix with the snow at dinner time so the snow will become a slushy mix.  Looks like we will only get about one inch, and once the rain washes it away there may be no remnants by tomorrow!