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Surfside Power

November 2, 2012

Great news everyone– power, cable and telephone lines have been restored at Surfside!  The resort is up and running, and employees are working quickly to clean the rooms for arrivals and prepare the resort for check-ins!  Management is contacting all arrivals to let them know about this wonderful update!

Resort Updates 2

November 1, 2012

Good Afternoon everyone!


Captain’s Quarters phone lines/cable were down for a short time on Monday – Tuesday afternoon.  Tuesday afternoon before 3pm the cable and telephone lines were back in order.  Other than that, Captain’s Quarters is just fine.  Surfside on the other hand is still without power and phone lines are currently down.  Any upcoming guests/owners are asked to please contact Captain’s Quarters (508-548-1010) to speak with a resort agent as we are making sure all messages and calls are returned by a resort employee from either Captain’s Quarters or Surfside immediately.  Captain’s Quarters employees have been updated on Surfside’s current state and Surfside’s Asst. General Manager Keath Driscoll has been diligently contacting all upcoming arrivals for tomorrow to update them on the situation.  We are hoping Surfside’s power will be restored late tonight, however we are not sure exactly if/when that will happen.