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Hurricane Sandy – Captain’s Quarters Pictures

October 29, 2012



October 28, 2012

Hi All!

Looks as though Hurricane Sandy wants to visit the Cape Cod area (darn!).  She should be a category 1, however this storm is massive, so even though it is categorized low on the scale, we are still expecting high winds (40-75mph, with gusts 80+mph), rain squalls, and power outages for potentially days.  The majority of Sandy will make a turn and hit the New York area, with remnants coming this way.  Please be careful if you are travelling.  The high winds could force the closure of the Bourne and Sagamore bridges if the winds exceed 70+ mph. We will have coverage at the resorts, however it will be limited due to safety.  The front desk will be open normal hours, and security will be on after hours.  If we lose power at the resorts we will not be able to answer the phones here, so please if you try to contact us and cannot reach anyone be aware that is probably the reason why.  Please contact our Central Reservations if needed at (800) 228-2968.  Hopefully we will not be effected by coastal flooding, however being on the water it is a risk.  We will try to update as possible with posts/pictures during the storm.  Lets hope we do not get hit too hard.  Stay safe everyone, and be careful!


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