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Woods Hole Film Festival

July 30, 2009
film festival
The 18th annual Woods Hole Film Festival is being held this week in Falmouth’s small village of Woods Hole.  It is an 8 day showcase of independent films, featuring screenings, workshops, panel discussions, staged readings, special events, parties, awards ceremonies, and more.  The Woods Hole Film Festival is held every summer beginning the last weekend in July and is the oldest independent film festival on the Cape and Islands. 
If you enjoy movies you will enjoy this week in Woods Hole.  The streets are abuzz with excitement and ideas being shared by film makers and producers alike.  These small festivals allow the creators to get feedback on their work from an average citizen.  I always look forward to attending a few screenings. 

Owners Week 29 Friends and Family

July 30, 2009
It is officially the lazy, hazy days of summer and the guests are having a blast.  Each year during this week, we have a group of owners who have known each other for years.  They greeted each other on Friday in the parking lot with smiles and hugs.  Dinner plans were made and stories of the past year shared.  It is great to see these people so happy to be on vacation with their friends.  Some even have children and grandchildren the same age who get together for play dates. 
This is a group of people very happy with their vacation ownership.  They could be spokespeople for the company the way the talk about it.  It is a pleasure having them stay with us. 

Cape Cod Welcome Buckets

July 30, 2009
We are about a month into giving out the complimentary buckets at check in.  The buckets are put together by a local non-profit and sponsored by many area businesses.   Guests from previous years seem to look forward to these gifts when they arrive.  Who wouldn’t?  Inside you will find:  a bag of cape cod potato chips with factory tour times and a map on the back, chapstick, shower puff and razors, Craisins, and Ocean Sparay drink mix.  Also inside, there is a coupon to a local grocery store.  Roche Bros has included a coupon for free OJ, eggs, bacon, and english muffins.  That’s breakfast for the whole week!  Also included are other coupons and guides for area activities. 
The buckets are distributed by our Concierge Meaghan so guests can stop by her desk, collect the bucket and ask Meaghan any questions they might have about their vacation ownership or local activities for the week.  The children in your group may also enjoy using the bucket to store their shells and rocks they collect while strolling the local beaches. 
Don’t forget to pick your bucket up at check-in!!!

Falmouth Wildlife

July 30, 2009
bunnyThe summer on the Cape brings many small furry creatures out of hiding.  It seems as though they would like to mingle with the guests as well.  On the morning of Friday July 24, 3 newborn baby bunnies were found to be abandoned in front of the office.  They were cold and hungry.  The staff took very good care of them:  wrapping them in sweatshirts and keeping them warm until they could be dropped off at the Cape Wildlife center. 
I am happy to report that all 3 bunnies are happy and healthy and will be released into the wild once they are big enough and strong enough. 

Tuesday Night Cookouts at Surfside

July 30, 2009
SFD BBQ areaA few weeks ago, the staff at Surfside started hosting a weekly cookout for the guests. The feedback has been great.  It’s a very casual and relaxed and even the staff members working at the cookout have a great time.  We try to schedule the cookout for Tuesday evenings 5 p.m to 7 p.m., (have had to reschedule only once because of rain).  All in all, its been a great success. 
The Maintenance staff has recently installed a grill area overlooking the small bay in the back of the resort so we set up tables back there. Cook up some summertime food and enjoy each others company. 
This time spent with the guests allows us to get to know each other in a casual setting rather than only speaking to them when we are behind a desk, pushing a housekeeping cart or repairing an item.  I look forward to seeing more people signed up for the future weeks. 
Inquire at check-in cost is $6.00 for Adults and $3.00 for Kids.

Shining Sea Bike Path

July 28, 2009

It is just awesome. A great ride for bikers of all levels. The newly Extended 10.7 mile, level path between North Falmouth, West Falmouth, Falmouth Village and Woods Hole has great scenic views of the coastline. There are access points at Elm Road, Oyster Pond Road and Surf Drive. There is parking at entrance on Locust Street and Depot Avenue Falmouth;  Old Dock Road, West Falmouth; and  Falmouth.County Road, North Falmouth. Pack the bikes…or rent them. Bring a lunch and hit the trail You’ll be glad you did.